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In 1995, I joined the Ravens for a trip to Japan as a photographer, and traveled with them as they showcased the sport of fastball to Japan. Along with the Seattle Seafirst club and the New Zealand national team, we spent the days on buses and in stadiums, the evenings in a banquet hall, and the mornings recovering from too much Saki & ‘Morpork’…





Japan - 2 teams

Japan - Field of Dreams Mt Fuji

Japan - Rich program

Japan - 2 teams.jpg

Japan - Field of Dreams Mt Fuji.jpg

Japan - Rich program.jpg

Japan - coke ad

Japan - hungry fan

Japan - in the crowd

Japan - coke ad.jpg

Japan - hungry fan.jpg

Japan - in the crowd.jpg

Japan - reflection

Japan - swing batta batta


Japan - reflection.jpg

Japan - swing batta batta.jpg