Welcome to Crash Davis's Website. My work has taken me throughout much of the US, but I have spent most of my holidays overseas in other countries.  And though both offer unique geography, interesting

sites and friendly people, I prefer the foreign cultures, where the pace is slower, the lifestyle simpler, and there’s a photo around every corner…



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South America by Motorbike (2005 / 06)


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1992/93 NZ Aus SE Asia

1994 Greece & Turkey

1995 Japan

1996 Central America

1997 Cuba

1999 Vietnam & Cambodia

2000 East Africa

2001 South America

2002 Indonesia

2003 Middle East

2003 East Africa

2004 India

2005/06 S. America Mbike

2007 Cuba

2008 Iceland

2009 Yucatan

2010 Hawaii & Alaska

2011/12 Caribbean