South America by motorbike (back to Homepage) Glenn and Sheila are traveling around SA by motorcycle.  The overland journey on their Kawasaki KLR 650's will take about 11 months to complete the approx. 50,000 km around the 20 countries of North, Central and South America. Due to the reversed seasons and 160-kph winds of Patagonia in December, the first leg will be an aggressive 3-month 20,000 km jaunt down the PanAm Hwy to Tierra del Fuego, arriving at the 'end of the earth' in early February, 2006. From there, they will journey up the east coast of Argentina and Brazil, and attempt an overland crossing north to Venezuala, including heavy rains, nasty seasonal roads and a 1500 km boat trip up the Amazon River. The last leg will be a leisurely exploration of Central America, returning through Mexico and the western US to Vancouver by October, 2006.